Frequently Asked Questions

Retargeting is a way for large ad networks to serve the same ad to the same person multiple times and in different locations. Facebook and Google are the two biggest ad networks that use retargeting and you've probably noticed it in action when you visit a website and then see an advertisement for the same thing after you leave and go to another website. It is a way to track your visitors and show them ads that they are more likely to be interested in, which makes them more likely to buy later on.

Example: You go to and look at a snowblower but then decide that it is too expensive. You leave and go over to Facebook to check in on your friends. As you're talking with your friends, an ad for that same snowblower pops up on Facebook. As you continue to surf the internet, the same ad keeps popping up, reminding you to check it out.

Ad retargeting all starts with a tracking "pixel" that is placed on your target website. It is really just a small piece of code that is embedded on the site and tracks who visits it. When someone goes to the website, it records some basic data and adds that specific visitor to a list that you can then show your ads to later. You can think of it as building a marketing list of potential clients, similar to how you might grow an email marketing list.
Retargeting a website requires you to have access to the source code to be able to add your tracking pixel. That means that you have to be the owner of the website in order to edit the code. retargg provides a simple way to avoid this by allowing you to add your pixel to any URL that you want without needing access to the website backend. This means you can build a retargeting list using other people's content and viral articles.
The retargg app does not insert the tracking pixel directly into the target website, it creates a URL redirect that triggers the pixel and then sends the visitor to the website. Once a campaign is set up in the app, here is how it works:
  1. Visitors are sent to your custom link, such as
  2. An invisible page is triggered that has your tracking pixel and builds your retargeting list
  3. The visitor is immediately redirected to the target website with the article
Now, you have tracked exactly who has clicked on your custom link and can show them specific ads related to what they are interested in. You can make multiple links that are each targeted to specific niches and show different ads to each group of people. This helps to increase conversions and make sure you are only showing ads that are highly relevant to what they want to see.
Retargeting websites that you don't own is a great way to use the power of existing content, especially viral or high qality content, to promote your own products or services. There are a ton of ways you can use the app when you get creative, but here are a few ideas:

  • Viral articles - share an article on social media and track everyone who are interested in that particular topic
  • Online auctions - send an email out to everyone you know about your auction and then use retargeting to remind them to bid on it
  • Zillow or Trulia - real estate agents can keep reminding people about particular houses or let them know about the next open house
  • Affiliate offers - cloak your affiliate links with your own domain and then show follow-up ads to people that are interested
The app is designed to be installed on your own hosting so that you can use your own domain to cloak the target URLs. The app uses a simple installer to walk you through the steps to configure it and it only requires basic knowledge of setting up websites. Installation requires uploading a zip file to your hosting and extracting it, and creating a MySQL database to connect to. Once the files are uploaded to your hosting, go to the URL and an automatic installer will prompt you to enter your database credentials and finish setting up the app.

If you are not comfortable with doing this yourself, we can install it for you for a small fee. Please purchase the installed version and then submit the form with your hosting account information and we will get it installed within 48 hours.
Your own hosting and domain is required to install the app on it. If you have a website already, you can install it as a subfolder on it. For example, if your main website is, you can install the app on and run it off of that in the background.

A MySQL database is also required for the app to work. You can set this up in your cPanel using the Database Wizard and then the retargg app installer will finish the rest.

You will also need an account with a retargeting platform, such as Facebook or AdRoll, so that you can run your ads on their network.

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