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Ad Retargeting for ANY Website


The problem with traditional advertising and PPC is that you are putting an ad in front of a cold audience that probably has never heard of your offer before. When was the last time you bought something the very first time you heard of the company? Probably never.

Retargeting is the solution to converting cold traffic.

Our simple software makes it easy to embed a tracking pixel on any website to allow retargeting and tracking through your own custom cloaking link. The software is provided as a SaaS app that is hosted on our cloud, so there's nothing to install, allowing for you to quickly start using the app.

How Retargeting Works


When a retargeting pixel is placed on a website, it allows advertisers to track everyone who visits that site. This means that when that person leaves the site and goes somewhere else, such as Facebook or other sites with Google ads installed, the ads can be targeted to reflect the interests of the original site.

Imagine showing a series of your own ads directly to the people who have already expressed interest in your affiliate product. Do you think that would improve the likelihood that they would buy from you?

Yes! You'll instantly boost your sales!

But, What Should I Retarget?

With this app, you can literally retarget any website without having to mess with embedding tracking code on each page. Just think of the possibilities and get creative! Get more sales, more signups, more targeted visitors to any offer.

  • Affiliate offers - Clickbank, JVZoo, Amazon, eBay
  • Sell more t-shirts with your Teespring campaigns
  • Get more views to your Youtube videos
  • Manage PPC campaigns for clients without needing access to their website
  • Target blog posts, news articles, and viral content without needing your own website
  • Generate repeat interest for Zillow and Trulia Real Estate listings
  • Gain targeted exposure for Flippa website auctions
  • Sell anything hosted on other websites easier - classified ads, auctions, car and boat listings, you name it!

Check Out This Case Study

I wanted to see if I could successfully build a targeted list of buyers using an affiliate offer with a landing page I didn't own. I started by selecting a Clickbank offer that had a high gravity and was visually appealing. Then, I used retargg to install my tracking pixel and used that link to create my Facebook ad.

I let the ad run for two days and got 85 clicks to the affiliate landing page at a cost of $0.17 per click. The ad converted at 2.64%, which isn't too bad for cold traffic. This is without any testing or tweaking, so the conversion rate could definitely be improved.

I then created a second, duplicate ad but this time targeted the custom audience that was built using the retargeting pixel. Since this was the second time the ad was being shown to the users, it converted at a whopping 17.36% and only cost $0.18 per click.

Even with this small test without any tweaking, I was able to make one affiliate sale from these clicks and build a targeted list that I can continue to show relevant ads to. Excellent results for a first try!

Dan - Results Retargeting a Clickbank Affiliate Offer

A Few Ideas to Skyrocket Your Sales

Create a retargg campaign that targets an eBay auction, Flippa auction, or classified ads that you created to sell something. Use this link to share on social media and on your website to get more traffic. As you build your retargeting list, you can then show those visitors ads reminding them to come back and bid on your auctions. Change up your ads as the auction deadline approaches to add urgency and make sure you get the most amount of bids possible in the last few hours.

Online Auctions & Classifieds

Use retargg to target your affiliate offers such as Clickbank, CPA offers, or Amazon. Drive paid traffic to your link or share it on Facebook and Twitter to create a custom audience that can be retargeted to any time you want. Once they show interest in one item, you can also show them related products that might be of interest to them.

Affiliate Offers

Local offline businesses can benefit from increased sales and exposure by showing special offers to loyal customers that visit their website or Facebook page. Local consultants can charge handsome fees to set up and maintain effective PPC retargeting campaigns that bring in consistent sales.

Local Business Consulting

See the App in Action

Play around with our working demo to see how the app works:

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Username: SampleEnterprise
Password: Admin123

Here's Some of What You'll Get With the retargg Retargeting SaaS App

  • Hosted on the cloud, so nothing to install
  • Cloak your affiliate offers with your own custom domain URL
  • Insert your retargeting pixel on ANY website, even if you do not own it
  • Track the hits to your link
  • Improve your PPC conversions for any campaign using retargeting
  • Redirect your own domain for personal use or for clients
  • Lifetime support and free app updates

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