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How to Use the Sylvania Smart Bulbs Optimally

by Hannelore

The invention of sylvania smart bulbs is one that interests almost anyone, and you will have everyone trying to get the product. The idea of having a bulb in your home that you do not need any switch to turn on is impressive. There are times when you are way too lazy to hit that switch on for some reason. A good example is when you wake up briefly to find something in your room. Instead of standing up and losing sleep completely, you can easily use your Bluetooth or phone to turn on the lights and turn them off. These types of bulbs are especially useful when it’s time for emergencies.

For instance, if there is a potential fire and all you see is smoke. You may not be able to make your way through to where the bulb is. Instead, with a command to your phone, the Sylvania smart bulbs will come on without any struggles whatsoever. However, while the idea of Sylvania bulbs is fantastic, knowing how to use the bulb properly is necessary. You don’t want to have a bulb that can do many things, and you’re using it to do one thing. In this guide, we’ll show you how to use your Sylvania smart bulbs optimally

Understand how it works and what it supports

Before you choose to buy the Sylvania smart bulb into your home, you need to understand what it supports. You shouldn’t make that purchase out of the peer pressure and popularity of the bulb. The bulb works with either your Bluetooth or Zigbee. With Bluetooth, you still need to download the application to use it properly, but the Zigbee uses a different style, and you don’t need the application. The intelligent assistants your Sylvania works with include Google assistant, Apple Home Kit, and Amazon’s Alexa.

Download and install the Sylvania smart bulb app

Now that you know what it supports, you can go ahead to download and install the application on your mobile phone. Depending on the device you’re using, you can get the application on either the Apple store or the Google Play store. After downloading, ensure that the application is installed properly before you start using it.

Open your application to navigate

When you open the sylvania smart application, you may be a little confused, but what you’re looking for is where to add a group in your app. Groups in this context mean the rooms you have the smart bulb in so that you can control any from anywhere.

Name your room

After clicking on the add group, you will need to name your room. Already, it comes with default room names like the standard rooms in the home, but if you want a custom one, you can choose.

Click on Add Light

After naming each room, you should click on the “Add Light” icon. Before you do this, put your bulb in the right spot and switch it on. The bulb will signal you for pairing, and you add on the app. If the bulb is a coloured one, it will blink its colors, and if it’s the regular white light, it will show a signal as well.


Using the Sylvania smart bulb is very easy, as long as you know how to use a smartphone. With the steps in this guide, you will ease your way through controlling your Sylvania smart bulbs.

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