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Differences between indoor and outdoor strip lights

by Hannelore

Strip lights have become a practical solution for illuminating many spaces; however, certain criteria must be taken into account before purchasing them. The lighting conditions for outdoors and indoors are not the same; this is something that GOVEE is very clear about, which is why they offer both options.

Some people think that strip lights are useful for any space, and this is true. However, lighting in outdoor spaces is exposed to different things that don’t happen indoors.

Factors like weather, for example, make the lighting system you choose suitable to withstand extreme conditions.

LED lighting has made it so that there are many resources to illuminate beyond a single bulb. The LED light besides being much less hot, consumes less electrical energy so lighting large spaces is possible without representing a great expense.

If you had been limited to illuminating your garden, terrace or pool area for cost reasons and having to buy many bulbs, it no longer has to be that way. With strip lights you will be able to illuminate those spaces easily and with an excellent result.

Exposure to different climates

It will seem obvious to say, but definitely when it comes to decorating outdoor spaces in addition to thinking about the aesthetic, you have to think about the functional part.

Outdoor strip lights must have other characteristics to be able to withstand rain, sun, snow, and even salt if you are near the beach. For this reason, outdoor strip lights have a waterproof cover.

This cover is made of rubber, so that in addition to being durable, it is also very flexible. In view of the fact that they are made with this material, the ideal outdoor strip lights are waterproof, very convenient to install in spaces such as the garden.

The fact that these strip lights are waterproof, they are also perfect for spaces such as the pool area, near a bathroom or exposed to rain.

Beware of power transformer

Indoor and outdoor LED strip lights can be differentiated by the rubber coating they have, however, the power transformer of these strips works the same way and is uncovered.

By this we mean that no matter where you install the strip lights, you should make sure that the power transformer is in a safe place and above all away from moisture.

It does not matter where you install the strip light outdoors as long as you protect the power transformer, as it is not waterproof. The transformer is what generates the electricity for all the lights, so you’ll want to have it in a suitable location.

You may be able to use light strips with rubber coating on the inside, especially if you think it may be in contact with moisture. An example of this is the kitchen.

As you can see not all strip lights are the same, it all depends on the use and the place where you will install them. Make sure you buy one that is really waterproof for the outside of the house and use regular strip lights for the inside.

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