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Unblock Tech- Getting a UBOX 8 Pro MAX TV Box

by Hannelore

What is the price of the Unblock Tech UBOX 8, and is it worth it for gaming or watching TV shows? The Unblock Tech UBOX 8 comes with a high-end quad-core (H616) Cortex-A53 (ARM) CPU, a well-built Mali-G31 6-core UBOX (GPU), 64GB flash memory, and 4GB DDR3 RAM. It performs admirably and responds much more quickly than the previous version. Right out of the box, it’s simple to set up and use.

I’m expecting more of the same with the UBOX Pro, with a single exception: users get more TV channels! UBOX 8 now has a powerful H616 quad-core Cortex-A53 CPU and a Mali-G31 6-core GPU, 64GB flash memory, and 4GB DDR3 RAM.

What Are the Features of The UBOX 8 PRO?

Getting familiar with the general features of the UBOX 8 pro is crucial as this gives an idea of what you are dealing with. The UBOX 8 pro has distinct features which makes it a top choice in the market. These features include:

Hardware upgrade as a whole

The memory has been increased also, the wireless feature has been updated from the single-band form to the dual-band on the Ubox 8 PRO MAX. The customized box provides you with a good viewing experience and more storage space. Thanks to the Android system’s actual HD Decoding of Hardware, everything is achievable.

Extra-large storage space

The UBOX 8 PRO can store about 64GB of data, significantly more than the 32GB or 16GB of other brands on sale in the market. It is capable of installing more apps and allowing external storage expansion.

Storage that is lightning fast

The RAM has been increased to 4GB, allowing it to launch more apps, respond faster, and run games more fluidly. Looking to check out unblock tv box australia? The Ubox 8 Pro will be a top choice given this feature.

Wireless dual-band

UBOX8 enables the dual-band form wireless transmission, signal enhancement, and breaking difficult living environments, making it simple for ubox8 to effectively process a better high flow.

With the dual-band wireless form, you’ll be able to get things done faster

UBOX8 PRO supports the dual-band wireless form transmission, which improves the internet surfing experience by maximizing bandwidth. The bandwidth range, about 2.4G is used for long-distance and multi-obstacle wireless transmission, and it is the most often used bandwidth in wireless transmission.

The 5G bandwidth range has less interference, and receiving with 802.11ac makes surfing the internet more fluid and faster. Make sharing easier and more enjoyable.

There are no regional limits, and you have up to seven days to reflect

Traditional TV tends to only see live broadcasts from one nation, whereas UBOX is capable of seeing live broadcasts from multiple countries, and the global CDN is unrestricted. Rich material can completely meet your requirements. The video is well encoded in H.264 4K and H.265, resulting in a faster download time and a crisper image.

It can also go back in time and watch videos you missed. It differs from typical TVs in that the function of checking out videos you’ve missed allows you to watch the television without being distracted by the time. Seven days to check back ensures that you hardly miss a great show, no matter where or when you are.

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