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The All-New Huawei USB-C Cable: A Must-Have Accessory For Your Phone And Laptop?

by Hannelore

Early morning, late-to-work rush, and your phone isn’t charged? Are you tired of late submission at work because your laptop cannot transfer data fast enough? Do you need an accessory with great functionality and mobility? Huawei has the perfect fix for you in your hectic routine. The all-new Huawei USB-C AP71 charging cable brings you features that will blow your mind!

This cable has taken over the market of electronic accessories, cementing itself as one of the most versatile electronic accessories present today.

Intrigued yet? Read below for details.

Why Should You Buy The Huawei USB-C Ap71 Cable?

1) Fast Charging

Let’s face it. We have all been in that position where our phone battery ended up dying at work. Maybe you’re late for a party, but there just isn’t enough battery in your phone or laptop? The Huawei usb c cable brings you fast charging! With a 6 Amp current output, you can charge your phone or laptop in an unprecedentedly short amount of time.

The cable has a double-layer shielding feature which minimizes all sorts of power losses and eliminates the possibility of any current leaks. This way, the AP-71 packs a bigger punch.

2) Portability

No one likes carrying cables around because of how heavy and thick they can be. Fear not! The AP71 USB-C cable is super-light and very portable. The 1m long length also ensures that you can charge any device without feeling cramped or congested!

The sleek cable and smooth outputs facilitate carrying to the extent where certain users even carry the cable in their pockets!

3) Reversible Connection

Feeling discouraged because your laptop isn’t USB-C supported? Huawei comes to the rescue once again. The AP71 cable is equipped with a reversible USB feature. The cable supports both USB-C for smartphones, headphones, and other electronic equipment along with USB-A for laptops, TVs, and other heavier electronic gadgets. You can easily charge your laptop or use the cable for connections with your TV screen without investing in other heavier and more expensive cables!

4) Data Transfer

Transferring a school assignment or office file from one device to another? Do it a lot quicker and with less hassle, using the Huawei USB-C AP71 cable that can easily transfer up to 10 GB of data every second! So whether you are shifting heavy files to a laptop or favorite movies to your TV, the AP-71 has got your back.

What’s Inside the Package?

The sleek cardboard box contains the 1m long cable inside with both USB-C and USB-A ends attached. The product is given to you with a warranty and how-to-use manuals inside.

Final Thoughts

With busy routines and the daily monotony of schools, work, or any other business, you should have a reliable product to ensure that you can always complete work and be productive. The Huawei USB-C AP-71 guarantees that you always work better and faster.

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