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Huawei Gentle Monster Eyewear II: Say Hello to Eyewear with Built-in Headset

by Hannelore

Despite the brand cum economy war, Huawei never ceases to amaze its competitors and their users alike. With the ongoing trade ban, Huawei has launched its eyewear and now you can set into the future. With the ongoing gentle monster on sale, you can even get a discounted rate at the comfort of your home with just a few clicks.

Making the Most out of Your Huawei Gentle Monster Eyewear II

Smart eyewear is surely an unchartered territory where users might face some initial hurdles getting used to them. Here is a basic overview of how you can take the very first step in knowing your eyewear.

Getting Things Started with Huawei AI Life

Considering the controlling factor, you can use the left or right temple frame. Each side has its special functionalities. The left side frame can help you get your first steps of pairing your Huawei Gentle Monster Eyewear II with your smartphone. All you have to do is to pinch the left side frame for a while and your Huawei Gentle Monster Eyewear II is ready to pair in no time. On the other hand, the right-side frame can help you get access to sound playback functionalities like play/pause by double-tapping on the right frame. Alternatively, you can attend/end calls by tapping on the left side frame of your Huawei Gentle Monster Eyewear II as well.  Huawei Gentle Monster Eyewear II comes up with an app called Huawei AI Life. Through this app, you can readily set up your controls with just a few taps. However, it is only available on Android OS at the moment.

Is it a Replacement of Your Headset?

Huawei is on the track to make itself the market leader in the eyewear niche. However, the need for a dedicated headset is still a necessity even with the advancement of the smart eyewear market. However, it can offer you some cool features. One of the most amazing features includes automatically turning off music playback when you take off your eyewear. Another salient feature is that it can only emit a sound to proximity to your ear which implies that only you can hear the sound with absolute privacy. It means that you can enjoy your conversations privately without any privacy concerns. An important feature of the built-in speaker is that only the downward-faced speakers. It means a person who is taller than you is less likely to hear about your conversations and vice versa.

Concluding Remarks

Even with a severe trade ban on Huawei, the brand has lived up to its name. Huawei Gentle Monster Eyewear II is truly an innovation that can allow you to take a glimpse of the future. Through eyewear, you can easily manage calls with just a few taps on the frame. Besides that, you can also enjoy music playback at your fingertips. Nevertheless, the smart eyewear niche is somewhat unchartered territory, it does have tremendous potential for growth. In this regard, Huawei can be considered to be one of the pioneers to excel in this domain.

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