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Interior and exterior components of garage door

by Hannelore

You must have seen so many garage doors in your area or society. but do you ever have tried to identify their individual parts? First, you must know or should have an understanding of the parts of the door if you want a customizable door for yourself. Understanding and knowledge of parts are also a must if you want to repair the old door. By reading this blog you will have a good understanding of the interior and exterior parts of the garage door. If you have planned to buy asta roll up door parts then you should consider the option of both interior and exterior parts before busying, Let’s discuss the exterior parts of the garage door first.

Exterior parts of garage door

These parts will set your door to look different from other homes in the neighborhood.

· Door face

The door face means the overall front of the garage door. It may consist of trim, windows, or hardware decoration. They can be made from different types of materials. The most common materials are glass, urethane, vinyl, wood, and composite.

· Door frame

The door frame helps in making or keeping the door strong. As they should be of strong materials for increasing security and safety, that’s why they are made up of steel and aluminum.

· Door joint

The door joint is that component of the door that helps in opening the door.

· Trim

They are used to separate the windows from the rest of the garage door or for dividing into parts. There are various designs in these including V bucks, X bucks or crossbucks, and Z or A bucks. Some other variations are sprung bucks and cross rails.

Interior parts of garage door

The interior parts of the door are important in the working of it. Let’s look at these.

· Hinges

Hinges are the metal parts that connect the sections of the garage door and bend upon closing and opening of the garage door

· Jamb

The jamb allows the three-sided opening of the garage door. It is an important component of a garage door.

· Rollers

Rollers help the door to move easily and efficiently over the track and help the door in moving up and down. Rollers can be of steel as well as nylon.

· Stiles

Stiles is basically in the mid vertically and can be seen on the back side of garage doors. stiles also help in supporting the door structure

· Sections

Sections are horizontal pieces that operate the overhead door and roll up and down. Join is the area where these sections are connected.

· Track

Tracker is that component of the door that is at the top of the door and helps the door in opening or closing. Trackers are on the opposite side of the rollers. You should keep inspecting the function of the garage door is working properly or not.

· Springs

Speaking of springs that are used in garage doors are torsion and extension springs. It helps in the manual and automatic opening of the garage door. Most doors that are seen have torsion springs. These springs can be seen parallel to the top of the garage door.

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