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Vaping Made Exciting by Combining Flicker with Flavor – Caliburn A2

by Hannelore

UWELL’s developers are at it again. They have introduced Caliburn A2, whose salient characteristics serve to cut through the noise. It has stunning features. And the whole drama lies with the petite structure.

It delivers aerosols to the mouthpiece with ease. And the transparent casing allows you to monitor how the liquid progresses. That way, you can track how first you consume the juice and refill it before the wick gets damaged.

The power supply is potent to allow for maximum vaporization. So, if vapor cloud intrigues you, the catridge cigarete will serve your needs. Even better, the flicker at the base adds excitement as it goes on when you inhale. The vape mod enriches your vaping experience by allowing you to regulate lighting.

An electronic cigarette serves the needs of newbies and experienced geeks well. The features are easy to interact with, and the novices can manipulate them to accommodate their little experience. Ambitious veterans can use the different vape modes to incorporate new experiences into their game.

The truth is, tne new a2 is a nice to have vape. The uwell caliburn pods have unmatched characteristics making them your go-to vaping tool.

Let’s take a look;

Vape catridge has a simple design with exciting functions behind it

Never let simplicity fool you. The real drama begins the momentwhen you allow your eyeballs to wonder beyond the flash-drive-like features. It has a super powerful battery that supports your vaping agenda. It can accommodate up to 11 watts and delivers vapor according to your needs.

And when you’re not worrying about vapor, the LED button has something more valuable on the table. It shows you how far you have used the battery. The lighting does a great job by changing color to show the battery’s capacity. Red means you are running low on power, and green says you are all set.

When the pod is new, you expect to execute automatic actions. But,when defective, it’s clever enough to shift to manual mode, so you don’t experince confusion.

The excellent features blast competitors out of the water

Weighs less than 30 grams

  • A lightweight puts UWELL’s pod ahead of the pack. It is portable, and you can slip it into your side pocket.

A super powerful battery

  • The 520 Amp-hour the capacity battery uses the quick charge USB and fills within 30 minutes. Thereafter, it can last you for a while before you require a recharge. But it is a function of how frequently you puff.

Drip tip to fill the atomizer

  • Running short of juice doesn’t have to trigger panic. The drip connects directly with the atomizer making it easier to pour the e-liquid into it. The feature simplifies the refill process and eliminates the use of cartridges. And it serves you better if you love exploring different flavors.

The aesthetic appeal is all you need

Apart from featuring various hues, the vape has fantastic design that wows the user. It is transparent to allow you to monitor the e-liquid. And at the bottom, it is fitted with a flicker to add charm to your vaping experience. The tool goes on in synchrony with how you inhale the vapor.

The bottom line

The new A2 has a lot to admire. It has a simple user interface that a newbie can comprehend faster. The appearance seals the aesthetic value by adding a dramatic transparent character. And allows the user to keep an eye on the e-liquid. It is a bonus because you can add life to your wick by keeping it moist.

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